What are the Ingredients in Toothpastes?

The main active ingredients in toothpastes is fluoride which comes in two forms:

  • Sodium monoflourophaspate
  • Sodium fluoride

Other active ingredients include:

  • De-sensitising salts- the common ones are:

(i) Arginine and Calcium Carbonate (Colgate Pro-relief)
(ii) Strontium Chloride (Sensodyne)
(iii) Potassium Nitrate (Pro-enamel)

  • Antiplaque agents- triclosan (Colgate total)
  • Anti- calculus agents such as Sodium pyrophosphate can help to reduce the amount of calculus that forms by 50%

Toothpastes also contain:

  • Abrasives- to help remove stain
  • Flavouring – to make them taste nice
  • Detergents
  • Humectants
  • Preservatives
  • Binding agents