What is a Perioendo Lesion?

What is a Perio-endo Lesion?

This is where you have a combined problem, starting both from your gums, due to periodontal disease and from your tooth, due to it dying off. These are quite rare and may be caused in 3 main ways:

  • By losing so much supporting bone that it extends to the end of the root
  • Where the tooth has died off and the draining infection causes a pocket
  • When the tooth simply has lost its vitality (died) due to decay or another reason and you happen to also suffer with severe gum disease .

Either way, it is difficult to treat and treatment of the gum and of the tooth, in the form of a root canal and periodontal treatment is necessary. If a great deal of bony support has been lost and the tooth is very mobile, a more predictable solution would be to remove the tooth. Your dentist will discuss the likely success and prognosis of the various treatments with you, as all cases are slightly different.