Treatment and Prevention

Gum Disease Treatment

Treatment for periodontitis starts and finishes at home with you keeping your mouth impeccably clean. Great oral hygiene really is the key to delaying the progress of the disease, without it- no matter what the dentist does you are fighting a losing battle.

Those areas which you are unable to keep clean with a toothbrush, floss and inter-proximal brushes such as deep periodontal pockets- require a dentist’s touch. We have dedicated a section to telling you all about Gum Disease treatment, (including gum surgery) in the treatment section of our website, so click on the highlighted word to learn more).

Gum Disease Prevention?

Learn what you need to do to prevent gum disease in our preventing gum disease section.

Whether you suffer from gum disease and wish to slow its progress as best you can, or you just want to do everything you can to make sure as you don’t get it, this is essential reading.