Facts and Figures

Periodontal Disease- Facts and Figures

  • 15% to 20% of patients have periodontal disease that is severe enough to result in tooth loss.
  • It is thought only 0.1-1% of the adult population suffer aggressive periodontits.

Common misconceptions…

  • Believing ‘gums will grow back’ Truth: Very swollen gums will shrink as the inflammation in the gum goes down and this will often lead to more recession and exposed root. Whilst potentially a cosmetic problem, the disease is likely to progress less, if the exposed root is kept clean.
  • Believing ‘mouthwash will significantly remove plaque that is already established and also from in-between the teeth’. Truth: It won’t.
  • Believing ‘that treatment at the dentist is more important than home care’ Truth: Given the amount of time you spend cleaning your teeth, compared to how long you spend at the dentist, this is not the case- having said that- it is a joint effort!

Gum disease is a serious problem- You can have the healthiest teeth without fillings but if your teeth fall out… they are not a lot of use are they? You may be at risk, particularly if you can say ‘yes’ to some of the risk factors we have been discussing, or if you are showing some of the signs and symptoms we have talked about.

The disease is most treatable when detected early, so get checked- we have treatments that can really help slow the progress of the disease, even stop it if we catch it in time. It requires a combined effort on the part of you and your dentist. You have to improve your hygiene– it is your number one priority- so check out how to care for your teeth properly.

Gum disease will be screened as part of your routine check up- so see your dentist.! If you don’t have a dentist and would like us to help you find one click.