Jamie is a man on a mission

The face of dentistry is changing…

Somewhere amongst all the billboards and glossy magazine advertising of cosmetic dentistry and photo shop style smiles, the true caring voice of dentistry has been lost. As medicine has given way to cosmetic surgery procedures, so too has dentistry and the messages we are being bombarded with on a daily basis reflect this.

People need to start to see this for what it truly is: advertising.

A ‘before and after’ photo only gives you a glimpse of the story. It is our goal to give you an understanding of the true bigger picture… an inside guide to before, during and after dental treatment. Yes, dentists are professionals but they are also in business and when this line becomes a little blurred, it is essential you clearly understand your options.

Dentists, unfortunately, on occasions become more concerned with making money than helping people and patient care may come in second as a result. Since dentists are paid for the treatment they carry out – not for talking – there is less time spent explaining procedures and more time spent doing the procedures, as this equates to income.

Legally, dentists must explain the risks and alternative treatment options, (a concept called ‘informed consent’), but this is often substituted for an explanation such as, “You need a filling or you need a crown and it is going to cost you X”, and the patient is handed an advice sheet. We built the website to help address this issue.

The website provides all the information (and more) needed for a true ‘informed consent’. You can learn about your condition, treatment and care in your own time, in the comfort of your own home away from the time pressures of the dental surgery.

Jamie the dentist talks openly and truthfully about what is really going on inside and outside the dental surgery.

Our mission to you, the patient:

  • To empower you to take responsibility for your own healthcare and make informed decisions about your lifestyle choices. You want to make an informed choice – we want to help you.
  • To help you replace the phrase, “I hate the dentist,” with, “Whilst the dentist isn’t my favourite place, I understand the importance of looking after my teeth and mouth,” thus de-mystifying the stigma and fears surrounding the dentist.
  • To offer you, the best, most comprehensive and clearly presented patient education resource on the web. This site will be an interactive resource, answer your dental questions, discuss new dental developments and keeping you informed of the latest technology and evidence based research. A trusted source of quality and independent dental information that you can access at any time.
  • To change your children’s dental health values, producing a healthier and more fulfilling life, through our ‘Smiles for Schools’ programme.
  • To actively engage in activities that will promote a nation of healthier mouths and reduce the divide between socio- economic groups.

Our dental mission:

  • To bring back the word ‘care’ to the profession of dentistry
  • To infiltrate the new and old dentists and re-affirm ‘acting in the patient’s best interests’
  • To merge dentistry with medicine in terms of a patient’s overall health
  • To deal with the paradox of choice; should I have X or should I have Y?
  • To educate dentists in communication, and provide tools for them to use; to promote understanding and trust so they have happy, healthier patients.