Your Prevention Prescription

What is my Oral Health Prescription?

Your oral health prescription has a number of important roles:

1. It is a way of indentifying areas of prevention crucial to you maintaining a healthy mouth

2. It acts as a reminder of what you need to be doing

3. Allows you to set and monitor goals regarding your teeth.

To begin with, the prescription may seem like a lot to take in- but I am sure there are a few boxes you can tick already and once you are doing everything effectively and without thinking- that’s it- your pretty much done! Then you become one of those lucky people for whom a dental visit is just a quick check and clean to keep things ticking over.

Your personal oral health prescription will look something like this:
Dental caries (decay) risk: low/ medium/ high

Periodontal (gum) disease: mild/ moderate/ severe

Generalised/ localised

Plaque removal (bacteria)

Toothbrush: manual/ electric

Daily brushing: now______ times/day; goal______ times/day

Flossing: now______ times /wk; goal______ times/wk

Inter-proximal brushes: Pixters: colour________________

Tongue brush: yes/ no

Mouthwash: Savacol/ Plax

Specialist cleaning instructions:dentures/ braces/ bridge implant.

Diet advice (sugar)

  • Avoid sugary snacks between meals (most of the time); eating more at meal times will help do this
  • Avoid sugary drinks between meals (most of the time); drink water instead
  • Group sugary things with your meals (most of the time); particularly sugary drinks and sugary dessert type treats
  • Limit refined sugars; that is chocolate, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, pastries etc. (i.e. not everyday, unless with meals)
  • Substitute sugar in coffee and tea with a non- sugar alternative/sweetener
  • Keep sugar clear of night time- nothing sugary right before bed and definitely nothing sugary during the night
  • Drink sugary drinks such as sodas, juices and iced tea through a straw where possible
  • Drink water after a sugary intake to wash help wash it down
  • Find a sugar free medicine substitute (if you need to).

Protection (fluoride)

Toothpaste strength: child/ normal/ high
Leave on at night-spit don’t rinse.

Mouthwash: NeutraFluor 220 daily/ NeutraFluor 900 weekly

Gel in tray: nightly/ weekly


Tooth mousse: Sensodyne/ Colgate /Pro-relief /Pro-enamel

Low saliva

Sugar free gum/ sugar free sweets/ saliva stimulants/ frequent sips of water

Dry mouth mousse /Colgate Dry Mouth Mouthwash

Smoking: yes/ no

Now_______ day; goal________ day

Date to stop:__________ Reason:_____________

Grinding/ clenching: yes/ no

Wearing a night guard/splint: yes/ no

Playing contact sport: yes/ no

Wearing a mouthguard: yes/ no

Sign it. Stick it. Review date.