Jamie will answer your questions

Who is jamie the dentist?

What a surprise- My name is Jamie! The `jamiethedentist’ thing came about at University to separate me from all the other Jamie’s… and it just kind of stuck.

Imagine you have a friend who is a dentist; a friend who you could ask any question or problem that you wanted to talk about and you know he’d give you a straight-up honest answer. Well that’s me!

I graduated from the University of Wales College of Medicine (now Cardiff University) in 2004 and have had the pleasure of looking after patients in private and public practices in both the UK and Australia ever since. I moved permanently to Australia and made Sydney my home in 2006- a truly breathtaking city in every respect and a place I love from the bottom of my heart.

Want to know a little more? See- ‘More about me’ below.

Would you like to Help Others by Sharing your Story?

Help others by sharing your story…
Imagine you were going to have a particular treatment- for example, a wisdom tooth removed, or you were considering cosmetic dental surgery. Would it not be best to talk to those who have been there before to get a real idea of what goes on?

To share your story, email us at share@jamiethedentist.com

It’s one thing knowing what the procedure is going to be… it’s another knowing how it feels. Now, everyone’s experience will be different and every case is unique from a dentist’s point of view, but the more people like you, who share their dental experiences, the more of an idea people will get.

It doesn’t matter if you have had a clean or a full smile makeover- we would love to hear your thoughts and feelings:

  • What did you like most, and least about the appointment(s)?
  • How did you feel before, during and after the procedure?
  • Ways in which it could have been better?

You get the idea…Thanks for sharing!

More about Me

I was keen to start my own practice two years ago when I started noticing how’ little’ people actually knew and understood about dentistry. My patients really understood and appreciated how I explained everything and I guess I got a little bit of a reputation for it. I started to get patients coming in for second opinions; a problem that is born out of trust issues, and breakdown in communication. It was at that point, I made a decision to dedicate the next part of my life to writing and presenting everything I know about dentistry- I studied internet marketing in order to get my message out.

The purpose of ‘jamiethedentist.com’ is to add as much value as possible, in the field of dentistry, to as many people as I can- obviously, I hope to make a living along the way who doesn’t? As the son of two teachers, I guess teaching was in my blood and it was working with school children in their classes back in 2005, which led me to the idea of the ‘Smiles for Schools’ Project which is ‘in’ development.
I have heard it said that :

  • ‘Motivation’ is when you get hold of an idea


  • ‘Inspiration’ is when an idea gets hold of you.

Well, I was truly inspired to do this and I hope that we can have a positive impact on mouths and health across Australia.

As I see it, my job as a dentist is to get the patient to understand their problems, explain why they have certain issues and discuss the possible solutions – the advantages and disadvantages of their decisions – including doing nothing! I then aim to provide a service to the highest possible standard, should the patient ‘choose’ to go ahead. Now, every dentist will treat every patient slightly differently based on their own experiences depending what has worked best for their patients in their career, the courses and seminars they have attended, books and journals they have read etc. but the options and reasons for their decisions should always be openly discussed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank mum and dad for their unconditional love and support, and Russell, for his knowledge, resolve and helping to turn this idea into reality.