What can jamiethedentist do for You ?
Patients don't just want to find a dentist.
They want to find a dentist...
  • they can trust
  • who comes recommended by a friend.
  • who offers the right services for them.
  • who is conveniently located near work or home.
  • who they actually like.
There are patients out there right now looking for You.
Help us to help them find you.
  • We already have a directory of most dentists and dental practices in Australia.
But we want to go much much further!
  • In today's world of the internet, anybody looking for a new dentist reaches for Google instead of the Yellow Pages.
  • We will work with dentists to develop an in-depth profile so that we can put them in contact with the right patients.
  • By working closely with practices, we will develop their profiles too, including much more detail than any other directory.
  • Dentists will have the opportunity to increase their online exposure independantly of their practice's profile, so if you move to another practice, your online reputation will move with you.
So what exactly is an in-depth Profile?
"How do I get one?", you ask...