Bleeding gums

Why do my Gums Bleed?

By far the most common complaints that we hear when we ask if you are having any pain or problems is "Yes, I have bleeding gums"

How do you treat Bleeding Gums?

How you treat the bleeding and get it to stop depends on what is causing the gums to bleed in the first place, so see your dentist to help determine the cause.

  • Gingivitis. For most people, the bleeding will be a result of gingivitis and it is simply a matter of going back to the basics of brushing and flossing well and getting a good dentist scale and polish.
  • Pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the treatment above should also do the trick, but if you continue to get a little bleeding, don't worry too much this will stop after the birth. I also often recommend rinsing for I minute twice a day with a chlorhexidine rinse- this will help speed up getting your gums back to normal.
  • Periodontitis. The treatment of periodontitis depends on the level of the disease- this is discussed in detail in gum disease treatment.
  • Smoking. If you have just stopped smoking stick with it! Know that this is just a phase (the bleeding can last a couple of weeks) and when you come out the other side your gums will thank you and you will be rewarded with a healthier mouth and body.
  • Vitamin Deficincies. These can generally be corrected by taking the appropriate supplements on the advice of your doctor once a deficiency has been identified.
  • Serious underlying disease. On the very rare occasion, that something more serious is causing the bleeding, this will be diagnosed and treated by your doctor or the appropriate specialist.